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How to Wire a Toggle Switch in a Boat?

The primary purpose of a switch is to operate an electronic device and either provide it power or deny it of it. Concerning a boat, it can be used for several purposes, the most common being using it to switch on or off the lights in it. You can make the switch as a multipurpose device. Use the same switch to operate many views on the boat; a toggle switch is your best option.

To give you a little more perspective, if you have installed additional deck lights and already have navigational lights in place and plan to use either of them as and when required. Instead of going for a traditional individual switch for each of them, you should opt for a boat switch panel for your lighting purposes. This toggle switch is fixed to the dashboard of your boat. The various steps to be followed to facilitate this insertion are-

  • Drilling a hole- first logical step in the installment of the toggle switch is to make a place for it in the dashboard of the boat. You should use proper drilling machines for this purpose and also base it on the material of the panel. You should know the exact location of all the devices and wires under the dashboard to drill at the right place and not cause any damage to anything else. The size of the hole should also be adequate to be able to hold the switch properly. 
  • Placement of the toggle switch- generally a mounting ring is present along with the toggle switch which is attached to a threaded collar. It has to be removed before proceeding with the insertion. Once that is done, it is carefully inserted into the drilled hole, and the mounting ring is reattached to the switch by moving it in a clockwise direction. 
  • Connecting the different wirings to the prongs of the toggle switch- the red wire is attached to the power supply and is joined to the long prong while the green wire which is the earthing wire of ground bus is attached to the short prong. The fuse holder is attached to the prong in the middle. 
  • Power supply- after all the necessary attachments and wiring, the power supply to the switch is given by joining it to the circuit board. Before this process, it is advised to coat all the installations and the fuses with a liquid vinyl sealant which provides adequate electrical protection.marine switch
  •  Insert the fuse- just providing power is not enough; there should be some provision to control the power flow. A fuse does that precisely. Take a correct-sized fuse and attach it to a holder and you are ready to go.

You have to be very careful when inserting a toggle switch and take all the standard precautionary measures as it is an electrical device and may malfunction at any point, leading to severe problems.